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Apache OpenOffice provides a free word processor feature, called Writer, Microsoft Word for Mac is available as part of Office Personal at.
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This is one area where Pages really shines. There is a lot more control over images compared to Word. Equally as easy, you can add an existing image from your hard drive.

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For authors working with paperback covers, it is very easy to drop in a high-resolution cover image, make your adjustments, and then export directly to pdf. One other big plus for Pages for authors is that you can export to directly epub without the hassle of converting your file in another program. While there are not a lot of options compared to what you get with Calibre , it is enough to export a perfectly acceptable epub file directly from Pages ready for publishing.

There is no doubt that you will have times when you need to work with Word users. Generally, the real need is to open Word documents or to send Pages documents in doc or docx file format.

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To open a Word file, simply open it with a double click or right click open file as you usually would do. If you do not have Word installed on your computer, it will open automatically in Pages. You can choose either. If you want to move away from the expense of Microsoft Word for Mac, you have two logical choices.

You could opt for Google Docs, which is also free. Pages is a much a better option for Mac users because it saves directly to your computer hard drive, or more likely to you iCloud drive when you are online. If you are creating documents and want to work on the move, you can use Pages on your iPhone or iPad. It can also use Apple Pencil, which is a cool tool for adding notations.

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Currently, you might be working with Word and Pages side by side. But when it comes time to spend a lot of money to upgrade your Microsoft Office version, it might be time to consider using Pages only. If you are a Grammarly user , there is no support for Word for Mac anyway. But to use the Grammarly editor, you will need to export to docx from Pages before you open your document in Grammarly. The same goes for using ProWritingAid as it too only accepts docx files.

If you are exchanging document versions with a proofreader or editor who is using Word, again, you will need to export and import. But if you can live with these few and very minor inconveniences, then yes, you can certainly write and survive quite happily with only Pages as your main word processor. Related reading: Free Book Writing Software.

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For USD a month one can buy subscriptions for 6 users who each get office on an unlimited number of devices with the concurrent sign-in in limit of 5 per user and with 1TB each. I have to update my Microsoft for Mac. The reviews for Microsoft Office for Mac are pretty bad. I am considering getting Apple Pages. I have many Word documents 30 years of genealogy research. Would I need to convert all my Word documents to Pages?

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Can Word documents be switched easily to Pages documents? I have macOS Mojave. Use rich formatting and layout options to note down your ideas and express them in writing. Document format and layout stays pristine and looks great — no matter what device you use. Read, write, and edit comfortably Reading view lets you read long docs, letters, scripts, and more on your device with ease.

Everyone can add to the conversation and stay on top of changes to the text, layout, and formatting. As you and your team make changes, you can revert to view earlier drafts with improved version history in Word. Sharing is simplified Share your files with a few taps to quickly invite others to edit or view your documents. Copy the content of your Word files directly into the body of an email message with its format intact or attach your docs to an email and make sharing easier. To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size of Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifying Office subscription see http: Office subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand.

You can manage your subscriptions in your App Store account settings. This app is provided by either Microsoft or a third-party app publisher and is subject to a separate privacy statement and terms and conditions. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft or the third-party app publisher, as applicable, and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or the app publisher and their affiliates or service providers maintain facilities.

By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions. Did you know that with an Office subscription, you can unlock the full power of Office across all of your devices?

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Find special offers in the app. I am sitting here on my couch, looking out the window on a beautiful summer afternoon. I am speaking these words into my tablet. I have downloaded the Microsoft Word app, and have signed into my account. Going on like this though, I can really get into storytelling mode.

I think I could write really fast like this. Maybe I could even write a book in a short time. So I took it for test drive, and it worked! You deserve the unlimited freedom of this technology that can set you free too. No more writers block. No more tired fingers. No more arm cramps.

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  • I just want to share this with the world! I want you to have this freedom too! I love most things about this app, like that it formats smartly most of the time and coordinates with other Office apps well, and is generally very easy to use. Please make this feature actually useful. Spoiler alert: Three seconds of thought could tell someone that these changes were a bad idea, but they happened anyway.