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Quad Core vs Eight Core Mac Pro - Hi, I'm buying a new Mac Pro. which takes advantage of 4 cores, let alone 8 cores is some time away.
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I have since had my old machine fixed It is still a good performer. I'd be waiting til then, if you can. Why are they so much more expensive in OZ? And can you even get the 8 core anymore? Why don't they put 2 of the 3. And why have the 12 core machines been slowed down to 2. Oct 3, 3: Thanks for your thoughts - the second paragraph is the part that worries me I am probably placing the order tomorrow, if anyone has any more insight on this I would be grateful!

Oct 3, 4: Presumably a lot of vi's would use a lot of cores. I got a better performance improvement by making a raid set to speed up the sample drive. That's probably the main bottleneck for very large vi's that play many samples at once eg Hollywood Strings.

Comparing Cores vs. Clock Speed (Introduction)

I should point out that I am still on Logic 9. Apparently 9. Oct 3, 5: Oct 3, I wouldn't agree with that. If you have say one instance of Kontakt with 16 instruments loaded, that will all be on one core. But if you have 16 instances of Kontakt with one instrument each, they will distribute over 16 cores and Logic does take advantage of hyperthreading cores. I definitely see a big difference having more cores. And Kontakt actually can use more than one core with one instance, it's the one plugin I'm aware of that can do that. The big catch with logic is that it only uses one core for any tracks and instruments that are record enabled, so with "live" tracks there is a bit of an advantage for clock speed over number of cores.

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Hopefully they'll fix that in a future Logic update. So that's a limitation playing parts in, but for mixing and editing all cores are used on playback. Personally I'd buy a machine with more cores over faster clock speed, although I'd go the other way if it was a small difference in number of cores and big difference in clock speed, say 3. New Mac Pro More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Audio Speciality level out of ten: Hi Guys, I am about to replace my trusty old Mac Pro with a newer one - and I'm just keen to confirm I'm making the right choice between the two.

The options are: The Mac Pro had room for four internal 3.

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The hard drives were mounted on individual trays also known as "sleds" by captive screws. A set of four drive trays was supplied with each machine. Adding hard drives to the system did not require cables to be attached as the drive was connected to the system simply by being inserted into the corresponding drive slot.

A case lock on the back of the system locked the disks trays into their positions. Various 2. The first slot was double wide and intended to hold the main video card , arranged with an empty area the width of a normal card beside it to leave room for the large coolers modern cards often use. In most machines, one slot would be blocked by the cooler. Instead of the tiny screws typically used to fasten the cards to the case, in the Mac Pro a single "bar" held the cards in place, which is itself held in place by two "captive" thumbscrews that can be loosened by hand without tools and will not fall out of the case.

Networking was supported with two built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports. Bluetooth also required an optional module in the Mid model, but was standard in the Early and newer models.

would a 6 core mac pro be adequate for music production?

Displays were supported by one or optionally more PCIe graphics cards. More recent cards featured two Mini DisplayPort connectors and one dual-link Digital Visual Interface DVI port, with various configurations of on-card graphics memory available. Digital TOSlink optical audio and analog 3. Unlike other Mac computers, the Mac Pro did not include an infrared receiver required to use the Apple Remote. The case could be opened by operating a single lever on the back, which unlocked one of the two sides of the machine, as well as the drive bays.

All of the expansion slots for memory, PCIe cards and drives could be accessed with the side panel removed and no tools were required for installation. This allowed the interior to be re-arranged, leaving more room at the top of the case and doubling the number of internal drive bays. This also allowed the elimination of the large clear plastic air deflector used as part of the cooling system in the Power Mac G5.

Less heat also meant less air to move out of the case for cooling during normal operations; the Mac Pro was very quiet in normal operation, quieter than the much noisier Power Mac G5, [22] and proved difficult to measure using common sound pressure level meters. These operating systems are installable on Intel x86 -based Apple computers: Ars Technica reviewed the Mac Pro, rating it 9 out of The video revealed an overhauled case design, a polished reflective aluminum cylinder built around a central thermal dissipation core and vented by a single fan, which pulls air from under the case, through the core, and out the top of the case.

Apple states that the second generation Mac Pro achieves twice the performance of the last model.

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The cylindrical thermal core was unable to adapt to changing hardware trends and left the Mac Pro without updates for over three years, leading Apple to make a rare admission of a product's failure in April when it detailed the issues surrounding the design and promised a totally redesigned Mac Pro. The design of the second generation Mac Pro has received mixed reviews, which has been described as appearing like a "small black trash can", rice cooker , or R2-D2 or Darth Vader 's helmet.

The redesigned Mac Pro takes up less than one-eighth the volume of the immediately previous model, being shorter at 9. The system can simultaneously support six Apple Thunderbolt Displays , or three 4K resolution computer monitors.

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  6. The second generation Mac Pro has a redesigned configuration of ports. It has a HDMI 1. It also has a headphones mini jack the two are distinctly selectable within the Sound System Preference panel, Output tab. There is no dedicated port for inputting audio. The system has a low-fidelity internal mono speaker. The Thunderbolt 2 ports support up to thirty-six Thunderbolt devices six per port and can concurrently support up to three 4K displays. Instead, there are six Thunderbolt 2 ports to connect high-speed external peripherals, including enclosures for internal PCIe cards.

    Apple's website mentions only RAM as user-serviceable, though third party tear-downs show nearly all components can be removed and replaced. A lock switch on the aluminum casing allows for easy access to the internals, as well as fitting a security lock with its own cable, and components are secured with standard screws. The flash storage and GPUs use proprietary connectors and are specially sized to fit into the enclosure. Apple publishes recommended configurations to use.

    These operating systems are installable on Intel xbased Apple computers:. Reception of the new design has been mixed, initially receiving positive reviews, but more negative in the long term, due to Apple's failure to upgrade the hardware specs. The performance has been widely lauded, especially handling video tasks on the dual GPU units, with some reviewers noting the ability to apply dozens of filters to realtime 4K resolution video in Final Cut Pro X.

    However, in late through early , some reviewers have noted the lack of internal expandability, second CPU, serviceability, and questioned the then-limited offerings via Thunderbolt 2 ports.

    In April , Apple confirmed that a new redesigned Mac Pro will be released in to replace the 2nd generation Mac Pro. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Workstation Server.

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    Mac Pro (8-core) Benchmarks

    AirPort Extreme July 27, Apple announces new Mac Pro with cylindrical design". June 10, Retrieved June 10, Woodcrest, Conroe, and the 'pro' Macs". Retrieved January 10, January 29, Retrieved January 16, Apple Inc. Retrieved December 19, MacRumors Forums. Retrieved Ars Technica. March 3, January 8, Does it support SLI or Crossfire?