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By default, Address Book prints on standard U.S. letter-size paper (/2 x 11 inches) in portrait orientation. You can change these settings right from the Print.
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You can drag contacts one at a time or select several at once and drag the entire selection. You also need to see the special controls for Contacts, so make sure Contacts is chosen from the pop-up menu underneath the page range fields. Then from the Style pop-up menu, choose Mailing Labels. Beneath the Style pop-up menu, make sure Layout is selected, and then in the Layout view, from the Page pop-up menus, choose the manufacturer of your labels and the number associated with the labels. Avery is the most common label type and is readily available at office supply stores and online.

Click Label to switch to the Label view. Home is likely the most appropriate; if you choose All, Contacts will print both Home and Work addresses if available. You can also choose to print company and country here, and if you print country, you can exclude your own country, which makes it easy to include overseas friends and relatives without printing the country for most people.

Backup and Restore iPhone Contacts on Mac. No Jailbreak required.

Although the defaults are fine, if you want, you can change the color of the label text, select a small image to print next to each contact, and change the font. Click the Print button to print a draft of your labels on plain paper. To check if the labels will print correctly, stack a page from the draft on top of a sheet of blank labels, and then hold them up to a bright light or sunlit window.

Printing Mailing Labels and Envelopes on a Mac

Seems to work OK for me. How do I get the Company Name printed on the label?? Is there a way to print mailing labels with just the last name. For example I am sending out Christmas cards. Some of the contacts I have entered have kids. You can only address labels to the contact name or company name. Bit of a hack I know. Apple was not able to help. First, I want to print a page of return addresses so I need 30 of the same address all on one page.

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If I select 30 copies, it prints 30 pages of 1 address in the top left corner. Second, is there any way to tell the print process to start in a pre-defined label space for example: row 1, column 2.

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Thank You. Your printing tip does not work with me: in the style menu I do not see any list or pocket address book I use address book version 5. I have Skype installed on my Mac and get a different dialog box when I right click on the phone number.

Any ideas? And, do you know of a way, when printing lists, to be able to sort by company name? I am having a problem with app. Address book. The problem is that the print pop up window does not appear when I go to file and click on print. It worked just once and when i setup the custom size for the envelope and tried it again the pop up window did not come up.

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  6. I tried using the printer using text edit and it worked i even printed a web page and the the printer worked. Address book is the only app.

    Mac OS X: Print Mailing Labels directly from Address Book

    Please help. Has anyone ever had this problem? Question — how to print the address labels in first then last name order. Smith John. When printing from address book, is there a way to save the default attributes checked off in the print dialog box. The current default is x Phone, x Photo and x Job Title. In addition, when I change the font size in the lower right of the print dialog box, there is no change to the printed document. The text prints in a tiny 6 or 8 point, even if I change it to 72 point.