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Of course, Bluecove had some other issues with IOBluetooth device not found ( since Apple removed that since OS X I believe), for which.
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Please do a unzip -l WiimoteWhiteboard. Hello Uwe, I have exactly the same problem with Ubuntu 8. You added the library correctly. Did you try using the final 2. There also seems to be an alternative to bluecove-gpl , namely bluecove-bluez BlueCove Linux D-Bus module. Status: Mac OS WiiMote is connected in Bluetooth but not paired. Legacy Comments for uweschmidt.

Keep up the good work I must say that all these Wii hacking is pushing innovation really fast. Re: it's really cool?? Version 0. Re: It Works!!!! Re: wiimotewhiteboard error hello, Same problem hereā€¦ used your instruction - no success using xubuntu on an eee pc bluetooth stack working normally, but running wiimotewhiteboard fails with: JarClassLoader: Warning: Unable to load native library: java. Re: wiimotewhiteboard error Hello Uwe, I have exactly the same problem with Ubuntu 8. BluetoothStateException: BlueCove library bluecove not available at com. I don't have a Bluetooth device with OBEX lying around, so I don't if anything works beyond that, but I definitely managed to discover devices my Wii Remote without a problem.

ProSyst mBS SDK Release Notes

Did you compiled examples for bit only? May be the example have been running in bit mode. Anyway I can't do anything since I don't have appropriate 64bit Mac. You are welcome to discover the problem and submit the patch. But I think it is not available in Tiger so switch should added at runtime to use older functions on Bluetooth api before version PS If you are going to make some changes please switch to e-mail for other talk on subject skarzhevskyy gmail. For some reason, I can't see your comment 12 here and thus can't download the attachment for testing I got the comment in my email, but no attachment.

Could you repost or send it directly? My address is: my username gmail. I got kind of lost in the mix of comments that you guys have posted. I would happily help you porting and testing the platform on JavaSE 6 if you could give me an update on the previous matter. Original comment by jaumedej Hey is there anymore news on this issue?

Id really like to use javafx with bluecove in my final year project for university but I believe javafx requires 1.

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Original comment by peterp By modifying my project. Unfortunately, as others have suggested, we have a much larger problem. Mac OS X Bluetooth isn't really 64 compatible. Bluecove now throws a "Bluetooth Device is not ready" exception. Guess we cross our fingers and hope Snow Leopard fixes it?

Original comment by christop Are there a way to switch temporary to 32 bit task in Mac OS? Because the connection classes are working under 64 bit.

NXT Brick remote control over Bluetooth

It is Only reading devices address have the problem. Uwe, unfortunately the solution listed under that link doesn't work.

How to install Java JDK on Mac OS X ( with JAVA_HOME )

At least it doesn't on my machine. Besides, there seems to be a greater issue here. Apparently some IO libraries that Bluecove uses are not bit enabled so they don't talk to the BT device correctly. Anyone know of a fix? Original comment by acha FYI in eclipse you can get 1. With snow leopard the BT stack should be bit native. Is there any way to get bluecove working with 1.

Original comment by j0t Given that Snow Leopard has fixed this problem, I'd be interested in seeing the next released jar contain a mac native library built to also support 64 bit. The one complication would be making sure the it wasn't loaded on I've seen some pretty wild behavior when trying to use that combo, including machines hard freezing temporarily after the failed attempt to read the local address yikes! So blacklisting that combo from loading the native library might be in order. Was basically a question of adding the target, recompiling native, building jars and making sure the right files were being used.

If I can help with testing on Mac platforms let me know. When is the next release due?

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Original comment by rich. I set it to run in bit mode as suggested earlier thanks for that. Would be nice to see 64 bit support out of the box. Thanks for the short-term fix and im open to giving a helping hand. Original comment by ade Oh how I wish I could build this in Original comment by Timothy Anybody may confirm that latest build 2. I have downloaded and tested the snapshot on my Mac using Snow Leopard and it appears to be working fine. I will continue testing and let you know if I do encounter any problems.

Original comment by drsteven The snapshot seems to work on snow leopard Original comment by d.

Java Code Examples for javax.bluetooth.BluetoothStateException

Hi, just use d in "Default VM Arguments". This will start the VM in 32bit mode instead of 64bit. That worked for me! I use Mac OS X Original comment by strauber Original comment by lrumin Dear all; Exception in thread "main" java. ClassNotFoundException: javax. BluetoothStateExcep tion at java. Overly : run ant to compile java before compiling the jnilib in Xcode. Original comment by shimniok on 27 Dec at Original comment by loni Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment. You signed in with another tab or window.

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