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Why a Mac Pro? Well, it's basically a PC Workstation, which makes it unlike any Mac sold today. It's compatible with most desktop PC parts, I can use it to help fix .
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I like having my reminder app speak to me: All Mac X OS, from Mountain Lion to the latest El Capitan , have a feature that can be enabled to allow dictation in any application where you would normally be typing. This is similar to Siri that I use on my iPad. It works, and it even underlines words that it is not sure it understood. But you do need to be careful as it sometimes types something completely different than what you meant, just because it sounds the same. I found that when I enter a reminder for a specific date and time, it is also present on my iPad. And it alerts me on both.

Considering switching to Windows? Here's what you need to know.

This works the other way around too. Anything I enter as a reminder on my iPad will alert me on the Mac as well. You do have to enable iCloud for this to work. The apps on both devices stay in sync with one another via iCloud. Scrolling with the Smart Mouse was a bit strange at first because it was backwards from the way I was used to with a scroll wheel. The Magic Mouse has no moving wheel but it responds to the movements of your finger up and down on its surface.

I found out that this backwards scrolling could be reversed so that it functions as a standard mouse wheel. I use an HP printer. When I connected the printer to my Mac, it was immediately recognized and the Mac downloaded the correct driver from Apple without any effort on my part. It all worked flawlessly. I wanted to have the full MS Office suite since I was used to it. There are two versions of Office for the iMac.

They are both available on Amazon or from your local office supply store. But that was my choice. Apple has something called Gatekeeper in OS X Mountain Lion and above that helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software.

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Users are protected because developers need to apply for a Developer ID certificate. Gatekeeper uses this ID to avoid installing potential malicious software. It takes an extra step, with user verification, to install software that was not verified by Apple and does not have a Developer ID. If you avoid opening a file you receive in an anonymous email message, you can make it unlikely that you get any kind of malware. This is true even on Windows PCs. Thanks to the extra security built into Mac OS, anti-virus software is not really necessary.

But if you do decide to use one, it is advisable to disable it when performing OS X updates.

Some third party anti-virus software cause problems when Apple installs OS X updates. Mac OS X also has a built-in firewall. You can set it to stealth mode and I highly recommend that you do. When in stealth mode no one can ping your machine. It will not respond. Hackers ping random IP addresses until they find a live one. Then they try to gain access to steal your personal information that you may have in files.

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Since I have a few older programs that only run on Windows, I wanted to be able to continue using them. Windows is only required if you have other old Windows applications that you need to keep using. There are several software products that allow you to run Windows on a Mac. I use Fusion. It lets me run Windows in a Mac Window while other Mac apps are running.

Note that even though this is called Fusion, it has nothing to do with the Fusion Drive. It has caused confusion because Apple chose to call their new hybrid drive by the same name, Fusion. Note that the Fusion drive is a hybrid. The system uses intelligence to decide where to place files.

Those used often are stored on the faster SSD. I decided not to have a hybrid because in my opinion too much can go wrong with all that complex intelligence. No spinning platter. Large files that would take a minute to download to a hard drive take only a few seconds loading to an SSD. I'm happy with my decision. Everything that uses file access runs faster. One of the most important things to understand is file compatibility between Windows and Mac.

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If you were using an external drive for backup and if it was formatted as NTFS, then you can read the files from that backup drive directly into the Mac. Mac OS X v At least it was easy for me to copy all my files to the Mac. I love Time Machine. It runs flawlessly in the background to keep weekly, daily and hourly backups. I had used it already several times to go back in time to get a hold of an older version of files or to retrieve files I had deleted and then needed again. I have been using my Mac Mini for two years now without any negative issues.

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I have become spoiled by the speed of booting. I no longer need to wait to use my computer as I did with my PC. SSD is pure flash memory. No moving parts to slow down file access. And it draws much less power too. I still do have a hard drive attached to a USB port for backup using the included Time Machine, as I mentioned earlier. Apple also provides free updates to all their apps. This is automatic via Internet download. The next OS, known as Sierra, has been available for some time, but upgrading requires completely erasing the hard drive. If you are using Time Machine to backup your system, you can restore to the original files and structure in case anything goes wrong.

I already had to go back in time once, when I installed a third-party software that turned out to cause problems. Restoring was easy and Time Machine did all the work. Life is good with Apple. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thanks for this article! I am one of the computer illiterate people,lol.

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I am using windows currently, but thinking of switching. Thanks for discussing the differences in ways I can actually understand! There are similarities between the shortcuts, such as P, X, C and Y for print, cut, copy and paste, respectively. You just need to hold the Command key while pressing these shortcuts instead of a Control key.

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Other PC keyboard shortcuts have their Mac equivalents too, but some require a different sequence of keys. You can find any of them with a simple Google search. Hi Glenn! I'm an old PC die hard like you, and am considering switching to a Mac. Your article was very helpful and has encouraged me to make the leap.

The basics—switching from Mac to Windows

Johnz - Sounds good. I wrote another article about that. You can find it on my profile page. Thank you for your insightful and thorough article!