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Internet Explorer X - Microsoft Web browser for Mac OS X. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at hemantarya Feb 10, If you still need IE for Mac, download this modified version for Lion and Mountain Lion.
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Dictation sends your voice to be translated at Apple servers, so you can't use it while offline. Gatekeeper keeps you from downloading unsafe programs, but it seems mostly unnecessary. Visit manufacturer site for details. In the tale of two operating systems, Apple's Mountain Lion is a less ambitious endeavor. Rather than completely rewriting the book as Microsoft is attempting with Windows 8, Apple's latest operating system simply cleans house, clearing clutter, while bringing more cloud and sharing features into the fold -- specifically to make the desktop play nice with iOS devices.

Some of the new features come directly from iOS, and many are welcome, but some seem unnecessary. Ultimately, what you get is the familiar layout of Apple's operating system and much less of a learning curve than with what we've seen so far of Windows 8's completely new touch-screen-focused interface. The Mountain Lion release marks the second time Apple has offered an incremental upgrade, rather than releasing a new cat entirely previously Leopard upgraded to Snow Leopard, for example.

But don't let the modest feature or name upgrades deter you from seriously considering Mountain Lion: Apple doesn't change the game with the update, but improves everything from Safari to Messaging and adds new iCloud and sharing capabilities that make moving between devices easier.

Where Windows 8 dives head first into the touch-screen tablet market with a completely revamped user interface, Apple has improved upon what was already available, and -- in my opinion, based on using both Mountain Lion and early versions of Windows 8 -- Apple has made the wiser decision. By keeping the mobile and desktop operating systems separate, Apple can still deliver the best experience on each of its devices. Start by running Software Update and check for Mac App Store updates -- this is always a good practice before a major upgrade, to make sure you have the latest versions of Apple's core apps.

From there, simply navigate to the Mac App Store, purchase the upgrade, and begin downloading. The OS is about 4GB approximately the size of a full-length film download , so depending on your connection, you may want to start the download before going to bed or leaving for work. When the download is finished, the Mountain Lion installer appears in the Dock and launches automatically. Mac OS X Mountain Lion installs in place, so you won't need to create a separate disk or run the installation off an external drive.

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All of your photos, documents, applications, and other saved files will be there when you're finished with the upgrade. Once the installation is complete, your Mac will automatically restart and you'll be ready to start exploring. One great new feature for those with a brand-new Mac is the ability to sign in through the Setup Assistant with your Apple ID and sync all your settings along with your apps.

Your e-mail, contacts, calendars, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and more will automatically be synced up with other devices and made ready for use on your Mac by entering your Apple ID. This will be a welcome feature for iOS users setting up a new Mac for the first time because right off the bat you'll immediately be able to take advantage of all the new sharing features in Mountain Lion. One important thing to note , however, is that Apple says that Facebook integration will come in a later free update this fall. Documents in the Cloud should make it easier for those who work on multiple Macs and iOS devices.

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Now, when you launch a program that produces documents such as Pages, for example , you'll be presented with what Apple calls the Open Panel. Here you'll see that specific app's iCloud Document Library with all of the documents you have saved to iCloud with the most recent at the top. Using a button at the top, you can also choose to launch documents currently on your Mac. The window supports document folders, letting you drag one document on top of another to create a folder, just as you would arrange apps into folders on an iOS device.

As I talk about more of the new features in Mountain Lion, you'll see many that are clearly ideas brought over from iOS devices. As I mentioned, Documents in the Cloud will work with any Apple app that produces documents currently like TextEdit and Preview along with all three iWork apps. Apple is also making it available as an API for third-party developers, so expect other apps that produce documents to come out with an update soon after Mountain Lion is released.

Now, whether on a Mac or iOS device, you'll be able to take advantage of Apple's no-cost texting features with iMessage, and the ability to send a text to an iPhone from your Mac is certainly convenient. The way Apple differentiates between the services is by making iMessage chats blue and chats with other services green similar to iOS devices. The Messages window is set up with all your recent conversations on the left and the actual conversation window on the right. Just like iOS, you'll get typing indicators to show your friend is responding and delivery receipts that show your message has been delivered to the device.

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But in Mountain Lion, you'll also be notified when the recipient has read the message only if the iOS user has allowed for it in settings -- a feature that will be added to Apple's mobile devices in iOS 6. Just like the iOS version of Messages, you'll be able to start a group chat simply by adding more names at the top. When you send your message it will be seen by all recipients and their replies will be shown to everyone as well. In the Mountain Lion version, you'll also have the ability to quickly switch to FaceTime video chats using a button in the upper right of the chat window.

One issue I noticed in the preview that remains in Mountain Lion is the absence of a camera button to quickly add a picture to a message something that comes standard in iOS messages. Messages in Mountain Lion lets you drag and drop an image, but in the case when you don't have the image handy, it requires a few steps to go find one and drag it into the interface. This is a feature where we prefer the iOS method, so hopefully it will be added in a future update.

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Safari Apple's Web browser isn't the fastest Web browser overall, but improvements in Mountain Lion have added more reasons to stick with it on the Mac. With the Smart Search Field, Apple is taking a page from other popular Web browsers like Google Chrome, making the address bar serve double duty as your place to enter addresses and search the Web. When you enter a search term, Safari displays Top Hits right below the field based on your browsing history. With iCloud Tabs, Safari now has a new cloud-shaped button next to the forward and back buttons in the upper left.

Once you sign in during initial setup with your Apple ID, you'll be able to view open tabs on all your Apple devices, making it possible to pick up where you left off on another device without missing a beat. Unfortunately, though I saw this feature in action in a demo at Apple, it will only work once your mobile devices are running iOS 6 allegedly available sometime in September.

Apple has added a sharing button to Safari as well, where you'll find the options to add a page to your Reading List or create a bookmark, but it also lists out ways to share a site via e-mail, Message, Twitter, or Facebook. If you pick Message, Twitter, or Facebook, Mountain Lion brings up a Share Sheet without ever leaving the Web page you're currently on; sending via e-mail populates the e-mail body with an image you're sharing, for example, and lets you fill in the rest.

One major new interface enhancement for Safari is a joy to use when running Mountain Lion with a trackpad. Safari was never all that popular for Windows and I suspect that Firefox was more popular for the Macs! I quite like Safari as second browser, the first one being Firefox. What Chrome is concerned, the installation seems to be to intransparent for me.

Now back to the upgrade issue of Safari: I trust, that when I point it to ghacks. Its discontinued because of social features in OSX version i think — they dont have way to implement them in Windows version; imo its far too complicated. Nevertheless i dont find its a terrible loss — Safari was less popular on Windows. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Safari for Windows discontinued?

Safari for Windows discontinued? According to Macworld , an Apple spokesperson hat that to say about the issue: Safari 6 is available for Mountain Lion and Lion. We need your help Advertising revenue is falling fast across the Internet, and independently-run sites like Ghacks are hit hardest by it. If you like our content, and would like to help, please consider making a contribution:. Donate via PayPal. Comments Roebie said on July 28, at pm. In both cases not a big loss to the concerning OS if you ask me…. Martin Brinkmann said on July 28, at pm. Midnight said on July 29, at am.

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