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Download the Nokia Software Updater for Mac (NSU) and install it, your Mac's iSync application available for download from the Nokia Plug in the USB cable into your Mac and the other end into your Nokia N8 selecting.
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Phones that support Nokia maps have a Mac downloader app too, but this is all rather piecemeal. And this week we see yet another fragment of Mac support from Finnish phone maker: the Nokia Software Updater. This is the app that deals with handset specific updates, which although still maintained on Windows PCs, is losing favour because the Ovi Suite can do this now. Still, Mac users can now download a beta version of Nokia Software Updater that, on this platform, supports 21 handsets.

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First things first though, you need to be registered with Nokia to get the update. The application download weighs in at As expected, the application reported my N97 Mini was up to date. The phone applications update section was greyed out, as this feature is unsupported by this beta. However, there is an option to reinstal the current system software.

Below is the Reinstal button with an update estimate suggesting it should take a mere 12 minutes.

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Your mileage may vary, as the updater pulled in over MB of system update for the N97 mini before commencing the reinstallation. Having notched up a clear round, I brought my N81 out of retirement to see how an unsupported phone would fare. This time, PC Suite needed to be selected on the phone for it be recognised. Moreover, a big red exclamation mark icon flagged up text warning that the device was not supported. Initial feedback on the beta has fuelled speculation that Ovi for Mac is on its way, but the more sceptical wonder: why now, when the phones that Nokia Software Updater is supporting are running an operating system that has effectively been dropped?

Assuming this app is a dry run for Ovi integration — with Nokia finally delivering comprehensive support for the Mac — then the timing is stupendous given the company has just inked a deal with Microsoft. Need I say it? Ah, the irony. It fits a lot of my needs.

This creates a. Drag the. The key is that while every other user on your computer can use iCloud, the new user NokiaSync will not use iCloud and will be used only for syncing with your Nokia phone.

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You can repeat above steps 2 to 5 regularly, whenever you've made updates to your Address Book. If you add new entries on your Nokia's address book, you can do the opposite process and Mac OS X will reliably detect which new entries were added and will copy these to your regular user's Address Book. I don't have a Nokia phone to test this, but it makes sense. It seems like a lot of work to update a contact list. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

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